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The brightly painted architecture of the 18th century Barrio Antiguo in Monterrey, Mexico, is one of my favorite parts to explore in Mexico City. It is a place that people consider the heart and soul of New York in many ways, but in reality it is only a small part of a much larger city with many different cultures and cultures.

Abe taco shop, and finally we were lucky enough to find a vegan host who was crunchy with us and a wide variety of food.

When we arrived in town, we made sure to order the spicy chicken-cheese burger (pictured above) and hot dog (above). There is also a Slow Food Joint in the city centre, offering a wide selection of tacos, burritos, salads and a variety of other dishes. Arabic falafel burgers are a fan favourite, but if you're passing by, make sure you order one of the many options for your next visit. While this will undoubtedly be our next step - picking food - even the most picky eaters will find something to fill their cup.

Madre de la Raza deserves a special mention for the brunchers and children who read this, but in the meantime, go to their Instagram account and get in the mood for Santa Claus. Co. Visit them here and here if you live in Mexico City, or check out the pictures on Instagram.

These three places are highly recommended by my vegan friends because this city is most similar to Mexico's meat - it's the capital's food, but unlike the rest of the country, we eat on average about as much meat per capita as Rio Tinto, the largest city in Mexico City.

In Monterrey, the demand for vegan and vegetarian foods is growing all the time and there are some good options, but you are not disadvantaged as a vegan or vegetarian in Monterrey. One of my favourite places for breakfast every time I get up is the Capri restaurant - it serves all three types and the options are amazing. If you've seen the incredible vegan / vegetarian food on these joints, it's time to go out and sample some of the best vegan, vegetarian and meat-free restaurants in the city of Montersrey.

Monterrey is very similar to Austin, Texas in terms of food and restaurants. I have personally eaten in each of the restaurants listed below, but I recommend only one of them - the Capri restaurant in the city centre.

The culinary approach is similar, with dishes that are delivered with a chef - y technique and one or two subtleties. Real gourmets and real kitchen experts describe the local cuisine as a fusion of Indian and Spanish food traditions.

The crispy shrimp tacos in Bellota are filled with prawns and butter, which are then spread with the prawn butter of chef Manny Barella on the grill pan. It's a bit like brushing prawns in butter on a crispy plancha, but it's so much more than that.

The fried quesadilla requeson is a recipe Barella learned in cooking school and it is one of his favorite dishes. He makes it his own by filling tender blue masa, peeled and homemade, with ricotta eazote and jalapeno-coriander vinaigrette, served on the side. Guacamole is made from a blend of balsamic vinegar, lime juice, garlic, cumin, salt and cayenne pepper, while it makes the coriander powder from dehydrated fresh cactus stalks and residues, so nothing is wasted. It is cooked until the sweet starch is released from the corn kernels, and then sealed off with burnt tortilla aioli and a drizzle of lime zest.

If you like food, you should also try some of the specialties from the Northeast that you can't find anywhere else in Monterrey, especially downtown. If you love meat like grill or carne asada, come here and taste the good, the best if you like it. Each plate can accommodate up to two people with meat and side dishes prepared in Montersrey style, as well as a variety of vegetables.

To say I'm not a museum - to be a visitor is an understatement, but I've visited five different museums in Monterrey way beyond my normal boundaries. I love seeing the exhibits and I was inspired by some of the art and architecture in the museum, as well as the history of Mexico and Mexico.

I never really liked the crumbly chicharrones you get at Carniceras in Houston, but I love the freshly fried bacon. The taqueria-style Mexican restaurant definitely gives it an authentic feel and the smell of fresh Guisos is unreal.

This dish, popular in Europe, is always on the menu in most Mexican restaurants, but the meatballs and panini will blow away even the most meat-loving. The chilli peppers are one of the best vegan chillies I've ever tasted, and they cost $10 for 10. While the city is considered a good choice for restaurants and food trends, Monterrey can also impress fans of classic European cuisine with dishes such as the chicken-pork pico de gallo, popular throughout Europe and always on the menu in most restaurants.

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More About Monterrey